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First-Time Clients, Let’s Get Acquainted!

Hello to my new client! The answers to these questions help me to take good care of your ride. Please take the time to share your thoughts with me!

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What to Expect After You Drop Off Your Car

Oh, and note that my patients cannot talk.

No worries though, because you are in the right place, as myself and my staff all speak the language of cars.

Here are some of the steps that go into caring about you, your safety and your car. We spend time to:

  • Diagnose your issues
  • Book your car with the most talented techs
  • Construct an estimate
  • Connect with you to authorize the job scope
  • Perform the work
  • Quality control the work performed
  • Test drive several times
  • Recheck again, after all is driven
  • Clean (All cars that I repair leave better than I found them. That means everyone gets at least a good bath, weather and time permitting.)

As you can see, a lot goes into caring about what we do.