An Oil Change is Not Just an Oil Change

Here is an example of how an oil change is not just an oil change…

The oil service is perhaps one of the most undervalued concept of most car owners. When you shop the service by price you’re truly getting what you pay for, and unfortunately 90% of drivers shop for oil changes simply by price.

Here’s why:

Oil is truly the lifeblood of your car, so are filters…and you get what you pay for! Do you know the difference between paper and fleece? Do you know what is in your car? That low cost oil change. What type of quality oil and filter do you really think is included with it?

Also, during and oil service it’s a great time for someone of skill and experience to perform safety and vital inspections of your car. An inspection that can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, and maybe even your life.

What is your confidence level in the skill and expertise of the person performing your oil change?

2001 Porsche 911: Unfortunately as you can see in the photo, I had to email this to a client to show the metal flakes in his oil.

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