This Week In the Shop: 1984 Porsche Motor Rebuild

By Angela on March 31, 2016

1984 Porsche Motor Rebuild

She is torn down and here is what we know: One head stud broke in the removal process, which is quite common in this car. Our customer will decide if they would like to replace the full set of head bolts. Of course that is best choice at this time, and will be up to our customer. The cylinder heads are off to machine shop & cams will be sent out for rebuild. We are also replacing the clutch. We also showed client blow by, seen in picture number 1100. We will see how the cylinder head bolts cooperate and what machine shop evaluation is. Also client wants engine compartment detailed and cleaned and shielding replaced. This will make for more great photos.


Final Update 3/31/16  

The motor is put back together installed in the car & test driven. Test drive was flawless and ready for pick up tomorrow, April 1, exactly on time as requested by out client.

Everything came out sensational and we were able to get every part that we wanted from the factory & from Germany and our stock. This is a great ending to this project.

Our customer was very very good to work with extremely knowledgeable & was happy to show up at every in person visit request we made, so we can stay in communication & that enabled us to make all decisions together. Throughout the process our client stayed consistent and understood the scope of the project. When you find out expected things, they knew that was part of the process. They respected us and our expertise and opinions, and knew we were very hard at work for them.

If my 20+ years in this industry has taught me one thing, it is that when you have great clients to work with who appreciate your talent, your expertise & respect, those are the projects that turn out the best.

This car was a total pleasure to work on, it was very good to take the time to bring it back to life. My hope is that my client gets to enjoy this car for many years to come & many miles!


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