This Week in the Shop: Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

Mercedes-Benz 560 SL

This car was purchased by one of our favorite customers and he was never a “Mercedes man,” in fact never in his wildest dreams that you’d think he would come to love this car. This gentleman owns many, many, many cars–has collected for over 40 years–this car has become his favorite daily driver in a class of its own.

He enjoys the car for the classic lines design, the ride, and everything. He enjoys every mile he drives it, that makes me feel so good because I thought that he may feel that way about the car, and he purchased the car directly from me out of my collection.

He purchased the car last year and when he did I told him in six months he would be dropping the subframe and doing the suspension and that’s what you’re seeing in these pictures. We even polished the subframe so it looks brand-new. We also replaced the rear muffler with the stainless steel update and as you can see, it looks absolutely sensational.

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