Why will it cost $2500 to fix my car?

That is just it – you need to know why. These days you cannot afford not to know. You need to know what to ask. Not knowing what to ask during an expensive repair procedure can be very expensive in the future.

This is why I have finally decided the time has come for “Ask The Auto Lady”. I am now offering expert 3rd party advice to YOU. No agenda, just expert advice so you can make informed auto repair decisions. This new and exciting consulting service is about you feeling good about spending your money on auto repairs.

Here is how it works:

Visit my Ask the Auto Lady Page and submit the estimate of repairs that your dealer or service provider, even a trusted mechanic is suggesting you need. I will review your estimate and vehicle history, and call you to advise you. And the best part, I will even call your mechanic or dealer either to understand better to advise you or even speak on your behalf!

The intent of this service is not to be negative to the repair industry, the intent of this service to offer an independent 3rd party to advise good people to make good auto repair decisions. Even if you have a trusted mechanic you love, The Auto Lady can be of help by looking at job scope and perhaps suggesting a small part that would not cost labor but prevent future repairs because something small was overlooked. A win for you and for your trusted mechanic.

Mechanics that will not speak to the Auto Lady are maybe someone you should not speak to either!

Imagine next time you need an auto repair you can feel informed & that you are getting a quality job at a fair price.

Don’t make any auto repair decision alone, Ask The Auto Lady!

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